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Rithwa Nygren
Glassgränd 56
906 24  Umeå

Phone: 0046 (0)73 0488341

I, Rithwa Nygren
am the owner of our cattery S*SiMyKeth, registrated by FIFe 2004-09-22.
I live in Umeå (north of sweden) with my housband Kjell and our cats.

I bought my first siemese in 1988 and a year after came my second. At first I was not interrested in catshows but Kurt &
Solveig Rosenholm asked me to show Röklands Deineira. At the same time I showed Röklands Naksron & Röklands
Zhongguei Cider. After that I was caught! :)

In 2002 we were at World Show in Helsingfors (FIN) where Cider was nominated for the panel for neutered cats.. a very memorial weekend for me!

During the years the numbers of shows just increased... the cats I mentioned here have been very special for me.
All the cats I´ve own have been deeply loved!!  Those are cats I´ll never forget!

Today we have 4 wonderful siameses and Cindy our housecat. They brighted up our life!!
Now and then we are fortuned to get kittens, they always live among us as familymembers - and get lots lots of love!!


Best regards
// Rithwa